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Palmlea Spa 


Meet Sia, our fully qualified Beauty and Massage Therapist who listens to you before she treats you. Sia has had an exciting career so far, in 5 star spas and we are confident her skills will leave you feeling blissfully happy, calm and relaxed.

Choose from: 


Treat your body to a gentle massage to replenish tired muscles, using light pressure.

60 min | $100 FJD (Full Body)

Deep Tissue:

A deep pressure massage to target areas of pain & tension.

60 min | $100 FJD (Full Body)

Hot Stone

The ideal combination of warmed River Stones & a deeply relaxing massage will literally melt away

every ounce of tension in your body.

60 min | $125 FJD (Full Body)


Traditional Bamboo

This invigorating combination of warmed bamboo & a firmer pressure massage will eliminate those knots and tension from your body.

60 min | $125 FJD (Full Body)

Spa Massage
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